Why Accreditation

Academic excellence should be documented and recognized. NAPS is your agent for accreditation and recognition throughout the nation.


Private and Christian Schools are concerned about communicating the educational quality and academic excellence of their programs. Parents want to know if the school is accredited and if the teachers are certified. Increasing State and Federal regulations may soon impact all of our schools. The time to prepare is now! Membership and accreditation with the National Association of Private Schools will help your school build an image of excellence, integrity, and credibility. We understand your program and your educational philosophy. The National Association of Private Schools cannot bestow excellence; it can only recognize and approve it.


The word accredit is an interesting word related to the same root word as credible, or believable. An accredited institution therefore is one that can be believed. It has earned the approval of those who know it. Accreditation means: This institution is fulfilling its stated purpose with integrity and excellence. A major problem arises when a school seeks accreditation from agencies that do not understand the basic philosophy and uniqueness of an individual school.


Professional organizations provide accreditation criteria for their own members. Surgeons are approved by other surgeons. Lawyers are approved by other lawyers. Educators by other educators. Evaluation and accreditation of a private school must be made by professional and spiritual peers. Evaluation by The National Association of Private Schools is peer-based. accreditation is based on integrity and excellence. The documentation and straightforward self-evaluation process will prove invaluable to your school and will assist you in presenting a professional image to your constituency.


Quality, private educational institutions and their staff deserve the merited recognition of their peers. Concerned about this need, prominent private school educators across the US and Canada have established a consortium of accrediting councils incorporated as The National Association of Private Schools. With the goal of anticipating potential Federal and State pressure for control and certification, NAPS, in cooperation with a number of educational advisory boards, has adopted professional criteria for appropriate academic accreditation. Academic excellence should be documented and recognized. NAPS is your agent for accreditation and recognition throughout the nation.


The following curriculum programs have been examined and certified by the National Association of Private Schools’ Curriculum Evaluation Committee. The curricula named in this list are currently being used (with effectiveness) by member schools. The list is not meant to indicate that other existing curricula used by private and public schools is less effective, it merely indicates that the curriculum listed in this list is currently being used by existing schools and has been properly certified as quality educational curriculum.

  • A Beka Curriculum
  • Alpha Omega Curriculum / Life Pacs and Switched on Schoolhouse
  • Bob Jones Curriculum
  • Bridgeway Math and English Curriculum
  • Click A Tutor Curriculum / Cyber Curriculum
  • Christian Light Curriculum
  • Horizons
  • Pathway Publishers Curriculum / Discovery Units and Odyssey Ware
  • School of Tomorrow Curriculum / Paces and Computer Curriculum
  • School Reform Incorporated SRI Curriculum
  • Weaver