Issuing High School Credit


The National Association of Private Schools was established to recognize educational institutions which have achieved a level of excellence and expertise and have established a credible reputation in the educational community. Each candidate school for accreditation and accredited member school’s basic educational program must be consistent with traditional academic expectations of the educational community. In order to be accredited with the association, schools must:

  •  Comply with the local and state laws where the school is located.
  •  Develop a course of study for each student that will comply with the laws of the state in which the school resides. The course of study must comply with the established traditional educational expectations of the educational community.
  •  Instruction or presentation of core curriculum must be equivalent to one and two semesters of a school year for each school year as offered in Christian, private and public schools.
  •  Core curriculum must include: Math, English, Science, Social Studies and other electives that will make up the course of study required for graduation in the state where the school resides.
  •  Credit for coursework must follow scope and sequence with reputable textbooks, work texts or computerized presentations designed for credit for the courses offered.
  •  Course credit will not be recognized for completion of certain chapters of course materials for multiple course titles or testing for course credit apart from actual completion of credible coursework.
  •  Course completion, testing, grading, and presentation of credit for core curriculum must be accomplished by traditional methodology.
  •  Credit requirements for graduation from High School must comply with the course offering requirements of the state in which the school resides.
  • The educational philosophy and course presentation of the school must not counter Biblical teachings and moral values.


Accreditation standards must be met on a yearly basis. The National Association of Private Schools reserves the right to withdraw membership or accreditation from any member, member school, or accredited school that departs from the scope, purpose or requirements of the association.

The word accredit is related to the same root word as credible, or believable. An accredited institution therefore is one that can be believed. It has earned the approval of those who know it. Accreditation means: This institution is fulfilling its stated purpose with integrity and excellence. NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PRIVATE SCHOOLS

National Association of Private Schools,
National Office, Oklahoma City,  877-749-1807