Why Accreditation?
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Purpose Statement
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Recognizing Educational Excellence
The National Association of Private Schools is a consortium of Christian Educators and Private School Administrators from across the United States and Canada. The Association is dedicated to recognizing and improving the spiritual and educational quality of Private and Christian Schools regardless of size.
Many of the finest schools in the country are not accredited, yet their students rank with those from the largest and best funded private and public school programs. NAPS seeks to recognize, with non-intrusive criteria, the integrity and quality of these programs.
The National association of private schools
The National Association of Private Schools is an independent educational agency founded for the purpose of recognizing educational excellence in the private, non-traditional educational environment. Schools that maintain traditional educational values and high educational standards will find a home here....
Why Accreditation
Private and Christian Schools are concerned about communicating the educational quality and academic excellence of their programs. Parents want to know, if the school is accredited and if the teachers are certified. Increasing State and Federal regulations may soon impact all of our schools. The time to prepare is now! Membership and accreditation with the National Association of Private Schools will help your school build an image of excellence, integrity, and credibility. We understand your program and your educational philosophy. The National Association of Private Schools cannot bestow excellence; it can only recognize and approve it!
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